Sunrise Israel Tech scouts for startups via our trusted networks of industry leaders and partners on the ground. We interview over 300 startups per year. 

We cherry pick specific startups that we see opportunity in, based on our investment experience and our knowledge of the markets.

The startups typically need to meet the following criteria:



life-cycle stage

Complete beta of product/ International PoC strongly preferred. Sales revenues within upcoming 6 months & path to profitability within 12 months






expected holding period

2-3 years until exit 


2-8 million pre-money




We consider b2b & b2b2c startups in most industries 




have passed our strong advisory board's assessment, and be unique & defensible (patents, strong channel partners, etc.)

due diligence


Once we identify a startup with potential, we conduct due diligence.

This involves:

  • Meeting the founders, assessing the teams and the technology via our advisory board composed of specialists in a variety of fields and more.

  • Assessment by our corporate partners, who are key industry players. By presenting startups to potential users and/or channel partners before investing, we are able to validate their business potential, allowing us to start our partnership with a strong vote of confidence. If the channel checks are unsatisfactory, we will typically not proceed.



We negotiate the term sheet prior to extended due diligence. Frequently, we also angel-invest ourselves in the startups within Sunrise Israel Tech.

When an investor within our group decides to invest in a startup, we handle the closing and monitor the certificate issuance.

Finally, we will make sure you remain informed by handling all the investor relations.

We also help the companies with hands-on assiduous business development, until exit. 

Our goal is to help build sustainable businesses with roots in Israel and growth worldwide.