Sunrise Israel Tech is the desk of Sunrise that focuses exclusively on early stage opportunities located in, or related to Israel. 


Combining 22 years of experience in investment banking in NYC with 30 years of angel investing in Israel, Sunrise Israel Tech is the nexus for both investors and startups. 


Accredited investors have access to a select number of top tier Israeli startups, which are vetted and cherry-picked by Sunrise Israel Tech. Investors are given the opportunity to invest directly into the startup of their choice, on equal terms with the leader of the round. Investors also benefit from the fact that Sunrise Israel Tech is actively supporting the startup's business development and growth, thus enhancing their growth. 


Thanks to our support with outward facing activities such as capital raising and business development, startups are able to focus on key internal activities, such as strengthening their company, their technology and their manpower. Our bespoke advisory supports startups with anything from working through their pain points to finding new revenue streams or building strategic relationships.